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AI Production Tool Kit

Photo by Igor Omilaev / Unsplash

Here is the latest and greatest to make your life easier and help you create better productions. This list gives you some of those cutting edge technical tools. None of these are substitutes, however, for real humans to make productions (and make them better!).

We’re already seeing AI help with each stage of the production process:

  • Scripting: Validating ideas and concepts, formatting scripts, generating dialogue, screening for bias in scripts and content, analyzing and summarizing content, predicting commercial success and outcomes 
  • Pre-production: creating storyboards, generating and optimizing shooting schedules, creating text-to-image concept art 
  • Logistics: suggesting budget allocations, tracking financials to budget, reducing time on set, forecasting revenue and profit in real time
  • On set: Controlling lighting, simplifying set design and construction with AI-assisted 3D printing, generating text-to-visual B-roll, speeding up roto
  • Post: Reducing manual VFX editing time, creating original scores, reducing manual editing and cleanup, automating metadata tags

Here are our favorite AI tools for each of the above; we’ll update this list periodically to include new tech or functionalities.

Scripting & Greenlighting

Scriptbook: Scriptbook is a tool for developing and greenlighting scripts. It provides artificially intelligent script analysis, AI driven content validation, and automated story generation. It predicts financial performance by market trends, audience preference, and other data, and markets itself as. Improvement of the human greenlighting process, eliminating false positives and bias while maximizing a film's potential for critical and commercial success. The list of projects it has screened is interesting. 

Final Draft: This AI-enabled tool is already popular and affordable. It streamlines the scriptwriting process, particularly in managing character dialogue and plot development. Industry standard formatting embedded.

Rivet AI aims to be your one resource for pre-production. It generates script analysis, coverage reports, summaries, and character breakdowns. It creates budget sheets, optimizes resource use, drafts shooting schedules, and tracks financial progress.

It’s a customizable tool with a free trial and pricing based on project volume. A novel/screenwriting AI that’ll help you write for many genres, giving ideas for what to write next. It can help brainstorm some ideas, give more description to what you have already written, and also rewrite something you may think could be said differently. Sudowrite has a free option but allows for three paid tiers being paid either monthly or yearly.

Justdone: An AI writing assistant that can help write for any form of media you need, whether it’s an article, social media post, or advertisement. Paid weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Boords: Boords is an AI storyboard generator that not only creates an entire story with the text prompt you give it but also offers visuals alongside it to demonstrate what the shot of the film may look like.

Planning & Shooting

CineTracer: Is a cinematography simulator unique tool that allows you to plan shots in a virtual environment and render samples before actual shooting. It’s available on Steam, and it’s still in early release mode. But we’re including here for its potential. 

Filmustage: Filmustage will take you from raw script to your shoot by breaking down your script into scenes and elements, generating tags and synopses for each scene, and creating a shooting schedule for you. Pricing is based on volume of projects.

StudioBinder is already popular for a reason. It has everything you need to quickly plan your production: create shot lists, build call sheets, design mood boards, populate production calendars, manage crews, and facilitate communication about all the above. Automation organizes and produces all the above, and brings in all the relevant context into a personalized interface for each crew member. Monthly pricing is based on volume of projects.

Film.AI is a free AI that allows you to search up almost any frame from any movie you can think of, so if you need ideas for a storyboard or you need to figure out ideas for how a shot should look, you can refer to how other people might’ve done the shot.

Payroll & Budget 

Wrapbook: Wrapbook handles all your budgeting and payroll needs; it’s faster, easier paymaster. It integrates with your accounting software to manage payroll costs and POs in real time, allow you to pay your people with a click, and can generate any report you’d need at any time. You can also build people profiles for your team to make working with them again easier—and preferable.

Saturation is a collaborative budgeting tool that allows for tracking and adjusting line items in real time. It’s great for organizing multiple projects at once, and brings your teammates into the process securely. 

On Set

ARRI Stellar is AI-assisted lighting design. It has a slick interface and takes care of DMX settings to control lighting setups via phones or tablets. Pre-visualize lighting and change the entire set’s look and feel with one click. Save what you like and replicate instantly in future shots.

Arsenal 2 is an AI for your camera. It reads the raw sensor data that the camera receives, interprets it, and makes adjustments to make the camera look as good as possible so all you have to worry about is getting that shot.

Editing & VFX

Runway ML has the potential to be transformational. It creates generative AI models that allow creatives to generate original images and animated videos, assist in editing and VFX and CGI—all with no coding and limited technical knowledge require for us. Pricing feels reasonable for the work it can do. Here is an interview with one of the editors of “CBS's The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” about how he used the tool to drastically reduce editing time. is an automatic video editing software that will turn any text into a video in seconds. Also great for articles, posts, and any other text that would be more impactful as multimedia.

CoreWeave provides digital workspaces for editing teams that, with the help of ML and AI, renders more shots in less time, reduces run times, and saves cost and hours.

Vrew is a video editor that allows you to edit your videos via text. Moreover, the captions are transcribed from the video. Deleting the words within said caption will delete the video and audio from the film, making editing much more efficient and simpler. Vrew has a free option but also has paid subscriptions which give you more perks either monthly or annual.


AIVA: An AI-powered music composition tool that can generate original scores for film and television projects. And very affordable.

LovoAI: Over a million people already use Lovo for realistic text-to-speech generation. It has a free plan or an affordable monthly paid plan that can create over 500 voices. It also allows text cloning—although the new SAG-AFTRA deal requires consent from the actor to do so.

ElevenLabs allows not only for Text to Speech but also dubbing (translates the audio to another language with their voice), text to sfx (makes AI sound effects with text prompts), and audio clones (creates an artificial simulation of a person’s voice). It has a free option but also paid tiers for more options.

Suno: A free AI that converts text to music and can also create original pieces of music for any film. Suno is being sued by some of the major labels, however.  At the same time, Google is known to be developing similar technology.

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