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Photo by Matthew Manuel / Unsplash

So many of us in production and post have historically used Vimeo for sharing video—primarily for workflow. It is the longstanding, preferred platform for filmmakers—quite different than its much bigger sibling YouTube, which is the domain of the influencer, or “creator,” as they are often referred to.

But what if Vimeo became a platform where next generation filmmakers could actually showcase their work in generative AI production? What if it were connected to the most powerful tools being developed by Microsoft in this daring new space? [Note: See our AI Toolkit for production for tools like Vimeo]

These are some of the areas explored in a new new whitepaper by former Vimeo executive Sam Toles. It's worth the read.

Why Microsoft (MSFT) should buy Vimeo (VMEO), NOW!
April 10, 2024

Sam Toles is a 25-year veteran of the media and technology space. Most relevant to his whitepaper, Sam led Vimeo’s foray into premium media distribution from 2014-2017. His knowledge of social media distribution and experience extends beyond Vimeo, most notably from his recent time as Chief Content Officer at Bleacher Report and their sub-brand House of Highlights, where he dramatically scaled audience growth. He’s worked in executive roles at film and television studios (MGM, Fremantle, Paramount), built and guided strategy and operations for subscription platforms (Gaia, iFit) and most recently has worked in the (video) gaming space (Misfits Gaming Group). Sam has built, led, and reorganized content, strategy, marketing, and business development teams throughout his career. Disrupter Media Consultants, Inc. is a boutique consulting firm, led by Sam Toles based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Buffalo, New York. The company is committed to delivering innovative solutions to navigate the complexities of an ever-transforming media and technology landscape.